Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday was "Wash Day"

Growing up we lived far out in the country. We didn't have a clothes dryer for a long time in my early childhood (We did our laundry in an old tub machine with a wringer on top. At least the wringer was electric and not hand crank! Bonus points for anyone old enough to remember what a mangler was) Every Monday was "wash day". My Grandmother, Mom, myself and anyone else in the family old enough to help hung the wet clothes out on clothes lines to dry. We washed clothes for 9 people, and there must have been at least 20 drying lines strung across my Grandparents side yard. Sheets and towels in front toward the street, underwear on the back lines so nobody could see the "unmentionables" as they drove by. Needless to say, Tuesday was ironing and darning day.

These days I have a one-line "solar dryer" in my backyard for sheets and blankets. I guess old habits are hard to break!
I used Holliewood Studio's kit "Junkyard" available at Oscraps. The shirt and dress are from istock, with a lot of altering done by me. In doing this piece I found out what a wonderful tool the warp transformation is!

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