Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's ponder the universe

Ok, I admit it.....I'm a physics geek. I LOVE theoretical physics. It's the only science you can never be proven wrong fact, none of the stuff can be proven, so it's a GREAT field! You can theorize and dream all you want, and nobody can dispute you! My favorite TV show is the History Channel's "The Universe". I have a secret crush on Dr. Michio Kaku (shhhh! Don't tell him! :) ) He's my favorite physicist on the show. With the Hubble space telescope just getting repaired, I thought since I had nothing better to do this weekend, I would make a piece using some Hubble photos and ponder the universe. The photos in the marbles are of other galaxies in the universe taken by the Hubble. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is on the bottom left.

I made the marbles with the bubbles in Birgit Kerr's "In Dreams" from Scrapbokgraphics.
The backgroundn is from "In Dreams", overlayed with a Hubble photo.
Dr. Kaku's photo is one of his publicity shots. The tabletop is from istockphoto.

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  1. Shades o' Men in Black!
    Another incredibly cool and exceedingly well done creation... ( trust I mean what I say-I'm not known for given out lavish praises )! Would be great to see these miniature universes close up!
    Will definitely be checking out that "In Dreams" and site you cite; as I would likely have spent lots of time on my PSE trying to trial-and-error how to do image wraps !