Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your Buddy Misses You

Life is a book that we study,
Some of its leaves bring a sigh.
There it was written, my buddy,
That we must part, you and I.
Nights are long since you went away,
I think about you all through the day.
My buddy, my buddy, your buddy misses you.

I've hit a speedbump on the road of life. I've been thinking about my friend Claire a lot lately. She passed away unexpectedly this past June. This is the time of year we would be talking of going on a roadtrip to New Orleans. It was one of her favorite places to visit (mine too). We always had a dream of going there and listening to Dr. John play the piano and sing our favorite tunes. Because we'll never get the chance to go (dying has a way of derailing future plans), when I saw this kit "Old Town" by Joe Designs at Oscraps I decided to take us there anyway.
The song "My Buddy" was one Dr. John sung on his "In A Sentimental Mood" album, and a personal favorite of mine. I thought it would be very appropriate to use here.
I used Joe Design's kit "Old Town" and Holliewood Studio's "All Hallows Eve", both from Oscraps


  1. i was browsing peppapig's blog and happened upon your blog site. i had no idea you were finecraft! i love your work. i sit and drool over your design team work especially the one titled "forever love". that piece just blew me away. i think it's because i also remember wash day with my grandmother and how we would hang the clothes outside to dry. seems like no one does that anymore! anyway, i just wanted to hi and i've signed up to be a follower. maybe i can learn some stuff by reading your blog. so so sorry about your friend. i've been down this road too and it sucks. i can tell you though, i just got back from new orleans and it was the best. i saw the place where they only perform jazz music (i think that's the place you are referring to) and i was impressed that they don't sell anything, allow drinking or smoking. only to enjoy the music. i can know cross "new orleans" off my bucket list, it was truly one amazing place.
    see you in blogland!
    Terri Daugherty

  2. This is a beautiful and poignant piece. Very expressive and moving. I just discovered your blog and your artwork is inspired and wonderful . I look forward to visiting again!